How To Choose A Great Coffee Maker

The best coffee comes from freshly ground beans

Choosing a great coffee maker is a daunting task. If you know a lot about coffee, you’ll know that already, but if you don’t it’s an even steeper learning curve.

You can have the best machine in the world and a poor choice of beans will ruin your experience immediately. Similarly, a poor machine will fail to deliver the perfect result from great beans.

Sadly, few of us can afford to spend thousands on a state of the art coffee maker, and continue to buy top quality beans week in week out. Does that mean great home coffee is a pipe dream though? Of course not.

A good choice of coffee maker will set you back a few hundred pounds, and there are some very impressive coffee beans available at a very affordable price – especially if you know where to look.

In the coming days, we’ll spend a little more time looking into these two factors here at, and giving you a better insight into making a great choice without breaking the bank.