Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

Chrome 1932 – 12 Cup

The Chambord French Presses are as worthy a part of this family as the teapots and coffee cups. Made of the same high quality chrome plated steel and heat resistant glass with a beautiful silk matte plastic handle, it will look new even after two to three years in and out of the dishwasher.

If you’re still making drip coffee, it’s time to move up and go french press. It is very simple and better in every way. Most french press coffee drinkers are unmovable on one point, which is the necessity to brew their coffee in a glass container only. I used to be part of this group, and I broke beaker after beaker in all the coffee presses I ever had.

I had a polycarbonate coffee press from Brazil and it lasted many years but finally came apart because it was made in two pieces. The two pieces simply came apart because they were not injection-molded as one piece.

When I discovered this Bodum Chambord 12-cup press I was delighted to find that is absolutely perfect for me. The beaker is made of polycarbonate, like my old Brazilian one, but the Bodum is one solid piece, with no seams to come apart. Another nice feature is the beaker being big enough in diameter so I can get my hand in it easily, making it easy to clean the coffee pot thoroughly.

The coffee tastes great and unless I do something exceptionally stupid, this coffee pot should last me forever.

Coffee taste has to be the most important issue. If you have not tried French  press, then you don’t know what you’re missing. When using the press method, the steeping process means your ground coffee is in contact with the hot water for a longer time, releasing more flavor from the ground beans. It is true when your told how paper cones can absorb some of the oils. You will taste the difference in flavor when you are not using paper filters immediately.  On the environmental side, I like that on a day to day basis, I’m not consuming a paper product, with all the environmental effects it has.

This coffee press has been a lifesaver for me. I find two of the most important times I find this press to be useful is both at home and at work.

The coffee at work in the breakroom is nasty, so I’ve started keeping coffee in my desk drawers and brewing my own coffee with my bodum press. I love the slightly oily, fresh brewed taste that the breakroom does not offer. This press has helped me realize that good coffee beans can make a world of difference. At home, I save on my electric because I don’t have to use an electric coffee maker.

My bodum coffee press is easy to use, clean and put away. It is indeed a must have. This portable coffee press is among the most popular of all coffee presses because of its classic design and simple functionality. The price is also reasonable considering the excellent craftsmanship and dependability of this coffee press when it comes to producing delicious coffee.


Bialetti Moka Express 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

These classic aluminum stovetop ‘moka pots’ make espresso the traditional Italian way. Simply add water and ground coffee and a light pressure will create a rich, flavourful espresso, tasting similar to espresso from an electric machine, though without the crema on top.

The 6 cup model will make six demi-tasse, approximately 1.5 oz each.

Don’t forget to grab a couple extra gasket seals, which typically last 12-18 months before beginning to leak. Seals are 3 for $8.00.
Size in oz. 12 oz.
Material Aluminum
Handle Plastic
Auto Cappuccino No
Crema Valve No
Electrical Power No
Special Highlights Medium volume
Boxed-Weight(kg.) 0.75
Boxed-Dimensions(WxHxD)in. 6.5″x8.5″x5″
Country of Manufacture Italy

This coffee maker with its unique octagonal shape was first designed in Italy in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, and his company continues to market the leading model, the Moka Express. In Italy every family owns one of these machines.

Espresso is coffee made by forcing hot water under high pressure through coffee that has been grounded to an extremely fine powder.

This machine delivers all the flavor and aroma of espresso without the expense and bulk of a fancy espresso machine. You just fill, brew and pour.

Follow these tips for a unique coffee:

  • Fill the bottom chamber to a little below the safety valve (or it will explode)
  • Use drinking water. Avoid tap water especially if very chlorinated
  • Use a finely ground good coffee and put in the container but don’t overfill
  • Never compress the coffee
  • Put on medium heat or low heat
  • Do not let the coffee boil, as soon as coffee reaches the top, remove from heat

Dispose of the first 2 or 3 batches of coffee before first use to prevent any aluminum flavor.

To assure a long life to the Moka Express:

  • Avoid high heat
  • Rinse the components with water, don’t use the dishwasher
  • Towel dry
  • Store dissembled
  • Make sure it is completely dry before storing away
  • Replace the rubber seals once in a while

The choice of coffee as well as quantity used make an enormous difference in the result. You will find that you like a certain amount of coffee grinds and maybe a certain level of water and you will consistently get the best cup of coffee you ever had.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Coffee Maker

Espresso makers have come quite a distance. Since old time cowboy pots brewing coffee within the fire in order to today’s glossy gourmet machines, there is really a coffee brewer to suit every flavor, every lifestyle, every spending budget and every counter space. So where do you start finding the coffee maker of your dreams?

Before you proceed towards the appliance section at your favorite electric outlet, do a little groundwork. Consider what kind of coffee you prefer, how often you drink coffee, just just how much space you have for a coffee maker, just how much you are able to afford to spend on a coffee machine. These are the problems involved in deciding whether to acquire an espresso or a non-espresso coffee maker.

Selecting a Coffee machine: Espresso vs Coffee

Espresso coffee brewers tend to be fancy. They cost a lot more than other coffee machines (some cost hundreds of bucks) in addition create a variety of coffee varieties including cappuccino and lattes. Espresso makers frequently make merely a single walk at a period and need cleaning after each mug. The espresso is stronger than which brewed through other indicates.

Bona fide espresso connoisseurs frequently like to make use of the espresso coffee machine, above all the super automated versions that do everything from grinding the coffee to pouring it to the mug.

Conventional coffee drinkers who prefer to possess a pot associated with coffee on hand all the time and aren’t thinking about lattes or other variations of coffee often prefer non-espresso coffee machines. Non-espresso coffee makers work nicely for those who like to start the coffee brewing and continue on with their typical activities although it brews. They buy coffee currently ground and don’t bother along with beans or even grinding.

For coffee drinkers requiring considerable amounts of coffee, non-espresso may be the means to visit. Large percolator type coffee urns can be used to yield more than a hundred cups of coffee at one time.

They additionally like returning to the coffee pot again and again and refilling their coffee mug over brewing only a mug at any given time. Non-espresso type coffee machines are much less expensive compared to espresso makers.

Choosing a Coffee brewer Non-Espresso

These espresso makers can be found in drip, French press and mixture versions. Drip brewers frequently yield 6 to 10 cups of coffee at once. Designed for people that need a smaller quantity, it is really better to buy a design that produces 4 mugs (or even less) at any given time. Drip coffee machines tend to be easy on the pocket and easy to use.

There tend to be pod espresso machines available which utilize single helping pods to brew coffee. Pod espresso makers could be cheap however the coffee alone costs a lot more than typical storage containers of pre-ground espresso.

French Push coffee machines are great for some mugs of coffee at any given time. Combination coffee makers which includes both java and non-espresso coffee brewers in a single machine will also be available. These machines give espresso lovers the very best of both worlds.

Picking a Coffee maker Espresso

Espresso coffee makers appear in semi-automatic, fully automatic and super automatic versions. These devices make much less mugs at any given time and may need more time and care than a standard drip coffee maker.

The more automated an espresso coffee maker is, the much more features it’ll offer. A couple of handle from crushing the coffee beans to filling the cup with warm coffee and eliminating the aged coffee reasons.

The large number of options the espresso coffee maker offers, the greater the cost sticker attached to buy it. These coffee brewers may cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to 1000s of dollars.

The very first decision to be made in picking a coffee producer is the need to decide regardless of whether an espresso coffee maker or a non-espresso coffee maker is preferred. Coffee choices, budget and volume of coffee to become brewed are factors that affect your decision making procedure. As soon while you figure out the type you fancy, then you can start focusing your search much more by contemplating the various styles inside the broader categories of espresso as well as non-espresso versions.

This is actually where things can get entertaining, believe it or not really! Supplied together with your newly obtained facts you can now target particular brand names of coffee brewers inside the type that you need, for instance drip espresso brewers, manual or automatic, and start to do a few research to discover what consumers are saying about exact brand names. For this particular purpose, the Internet is an excellent research device as there are numerous review as well as testing websites accessible for you using just a straightforward hand tap of a PC mouse button. So pour yourself a cup associated with tea and allow quest for top coffee producer commence!

What to Look for in a Single Cup Coffee Brewer

There really are a few things you need to be aware associated with when trying to find the ideal Keurig coffee maker, or other make of single cup coffee maker. Many (although not all) offer multiple mug size settings. This enables you to customize your own coffee and make it stronger or even weaker to match your personal flavor. Some models come equipped with an adjustable temperature. Look with this option if you have a specific temperature you love to brew from, or if you’d like to experiment with your coffee and see what different flavors are extracted at different temperatures. A higher temperature tends to deliver the most flavor removal but there’s a downside; you will need to let the coffee cool a bit before drinking it. The difference created in coffee flavor because of varying temperatures is important to some yet indiscernible in order to others.

Ready To Go Vs Power Efficiency

Many people love the option to immediately brew coffee in under a minute. That comfort does come in a price, however. The only way every single child instantly provide fresh coffee is through keeping water hot and ready to go at just about all times. This isn’t the most effective use of energy. An power efficient model will need a “priming” time period to heat water in the actual reservoir, this usually takes about four minutes, depending about the model. There is an in-between option: a mini brewer. A Keurig Small Brewer (the actual B30 or even B31) only has sufficient room in the reservoir for one 8 ounce cup of coffee. You only heat the thing you need for which cup therefore it takes less time for that water to come to the proper temperature. Brewing is performed in regarding 2 minutes, start to finish. Look towards the reviews for information on the time it takes to brew a cup.


This is actually where reviews are very important. Real people who have used the model you are thinking about can tell you what you can expect. Look for reliability issues throughout the Keurig Coffee machine reviews. We provide you with an overview of each model; in that overview all of us will highlight any issues that are repeated through the available Keurig coffee machine reviews.

Ease Of Use

This is another region where Keurig Coffee machine reviews can be very helpful. Consumers who’ve used the model you are looking at can tell you how easy it is to use and thoroughly clean. Generally speaking, all Keurig coffee makers are very simple to use. This is one reason they’re so well-liked. Ease of use will usually only be a problem if you go with another manufacturer.

Quality and Variety of Coffee Available

Don’t just concentrate on the coffee machine itself. Even should you get a great deal on a wonderful single cup coffee machine, you won’t be happy if you do not enjoy the actual coffee available for that brand and design. This is actually one region where you will discover Keurig excels in customer reviews. Keurig provides over 200 high quality drinks that can be used with their own single cup coffee maker. Be certain to focus on quality of the coffee itself when reading through the detailed Keurig Coffee maker reviews.

Read The Real Reviews

You will discover the Coffee Makers listed towards the right. Click on the model you are looking at for an overview as well as the detailed reviews. Beneath the Keurig models you will see other manufacturers of solitary cup coffee makers. Click on the brand names to see the overview and detailed customer single cup coffee machine reviews.

What You Should Know About the Keurig B145 OfficePRO

The Keurig B145 OfficePRO coffee maker is very reasonably priced, for the Keurig coffee maker that is actually. This unit can cost you about $190 which includes a good 18 count sampler load up of k-cups. That makes this the least expensive full-sized Keurig coffee machine, with it’s price becoming very close to the budget-buy B31 mini brewer that Keurig offers.I unpacked my new Keurig B145 OfficePRO coffee maker and carefully looked it over. It has the rounded, sleek form and all-over modern styling Keurig is well-known with regard to. The dark finish isn’t quite because glossy as the black about the Keurig B30 and the all-over look is not quite because high-end as the Keurig B70, but this coffee machine does appear good.

This coffee maker feels solid, sturdy and well-made. There is nothing cheap within the look or even feel of this machine. There is a 48 ounce water tank. There are three cup size options with this particular Keurig coffee maker: 6 oz… 8 ounces and 10 oz… There is not an LCD readout such as the ones found on other full-sized Keurig coffee makers.I brewed my first cup of coffee in the actual Keurig B145 OfficePRO coffee maker. It is extremely loud when compared to B70 (which Keurig bills as the quietest residential model they sell) and the Keurig mini brewers I’ve used previously. The sound doesn’t final that long; it is over in about 40 seconds, and the loudest of it is carried out in regarding 5 mere seconds. But it is quite loud, especially in a quiet house first thing in the morning while the remainder of my family is sleeping. This is something to keep in mind if you want this Keurig coffee maker for the quiet home or office.

I noticed one surprising issue throughout the review time period. I experienced bought the reusable espresso filter made by Keurig during a review period for any different Keurig coffee machine. This reusable filter is created by Keurig with regard to use using their machines, it is not an following market part from another company. I did like the option associated with using my very own freshly floor beans when i had a little extra time on my hands. That filter is not compatible using the Keurig B145 OfficePRO coffee maker. This isn’t a large deal for me or my family, since our favorite thing about these coffee makers is the variety and the caliber of the coffee within the k-cups. I possess since found that two various companies, Ekobrew as well as Solofill, make a reusable cup that’s compatible with this particular machine. Strangely, there is not a compatible option offered by the Keurig company at this time.

Overall, you can count on enjoying using the B145 OfficePRO Keurig coffee maker during this review period. I think only at that price point, it is a good value for any machine having a large tank. The noise level can make this Keurig coffee maker less attractive in my eyes, but this costs about $80 under the quieter B70. We truly enjoyed having the back-up water reservoir. It is extremely convenient to have hot water all set when you need to brew a cup, or mugs, of coffee in a rush. It is nice to see this option inside a more budget-friendly model provided by Keurig.

Visit Keurig Coffee machine Reviews to learn more on the actual B145 OfficePRO coffee machine and all the other Keurig coffee machine models. You will even find information on single cup coffee maker models provided by other brands. There are a large number of coffee maker reviews available on the website as well as a handy solitary cup coffee maker buying manual. Find an ideal coffee producer today!

Black & Decker SDC740B SpaceMaker 12-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

Revolutionizing a classic favorite. The new Spacemaker coffee maker was designed to please the traditional Spacemaker user: sturdiness, performance but most of all, 63-percent more usable counter space. Intuitive, easy to use features and classic design, perfect for the Spacemaker traditional consumer. At least 2 of the mounting holes are kept the same as the original (ODC) to facilitate upgrades.

Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

The Special Edition Brewing System is our mid-luxury home brewing system that offers a blend of styling and convenient features. The Special Edition features chrome accents, a blue, back lit LCD display and three brew size options. Programmable features include a Digital Clock, Adjustable Temperature and Auto On/Off. The 48-ounce removable water reservoir holds up to eight cups before refilling and for the removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning and the use of travel mugs.At initial set up, once the machine is filled with water, it will take approximately 4-minutes for the water will be heated. During the heating period the red light next to ‘HEATING’ on the LED Control Center will become illuminated. Once the water is heated, the red light will turn off and the Small Mug Button will flash. Press the Small Mug Button to start a cleansing brew. Pour the hot water into the sink. The Brewer may take 15 seconds to reheat water between brews during which time the red light next to ‘HEATING’ on the LED Control Center may be illuminated. When the water has heated, the red light will turn off. The one-time set-up process is now complete and you are ready to brew!