Coffee makers are hugely popular in British homes at the moment. Like so many other technologies, they’ve tumbled in price, from items that could be hundreds of pounds for basic models, to the same money buying you a top model. Where you used to be able to spend a week’s wages on a percolator, you would now get a decent bean to cup coffee machine for the same amount.

A coffee machine is both a luxury for the hot drinks it creates, and a status symbol to show off in your kitchen. Many of the options on the market, particularly the more expensive ones, look incredibly smart, making your home look the part. Even if you don’t want to go to the lengths of a bean grinder, even the cheaper models like the pod machines can take pride of place on your kitchen worktops.

There’s been a near comical tendency for homeowners that are hosting visitors to offer a ‘posh coffee’, meaning anything that’s not derived from granules in a jar. The fact that it costs less that a quarter of the price of a Starbucks is neither here nor there!